Copa Vida

Copa vida has become a part of my weekly work life. Working in North County, though there are many specialty coffee shops, there’s not many that are close to my office. At times it would take me over 40 minute to drive to Encinitas to get a cup of delicious coffee to keep me going for the rest of my day. … More Copa Vida

Coava Coffee

I have to be honest, this shop was nowhere near my radar, but one day I was out walking Cherrio (my little terrier) in Downtown San Diego and we bumped right into it.

First impressions, I have to say the shop is gorgeous – you can see the rustic industrial theme throughout the location. The wood that lines the walls and furniture pieces make it a super welcoming space. My favorite decor feature was the low set tables that are placed by the windows, they made THE perfect reading nook. … More Coava Coffee

S3 Coffee Bar

et me start with – this place is a hidden gem for fun and delicious coffee and tea drinks.
S3 Coffee Bar works with Cafe Moto’s beans, so you already know that you are starting with a good base. They then take it to the next step by adding a fun twist to their coffee menu, while still highlighting and honoring the beans. … More S3 Coffee Bar

Halcyon Coffee Bar

So this coffee shop is a bit different from some of the other places that have been featured on the blog. I originally started going to to Halcyon when I lived in Hillcrest since their first location in San Diego was located in East Village. That location has now closed and the coffee shop/bar has moved to my new hometown in San Marcos. … More Halcyon Coffee Bar

Scrimshaw Coffee

Scrimshaw Coffee is located in the college area In San Diego. Founded by Will Remsbottom and Roger Chagnon, who you can find making your delicious drink and ready to strike a conversation.

Walking in you can feel the simplicity of the shop, the setting is modern and casual. … More Scrimshaw Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee

The two winners for me on my last trip a few weeks ago were the Iced Mocha and their matcha croissant. I brought a friend along for this coffee trip and she introduced me to this two AMAZING menu options. The chocolate that they use for their Mocha is rich, but not overpowering and work extremely well with their espresso. A great compliment to this drink was the matcha croissant, all the buttery goodness topped with this delicious white chocolate matcha topping.  … More Intelligentsia Coffee