What’s the difference? Cortado vs. Gibraltar


No matter how small a menu is at a coffee place, there are still many options to choose from. One of the questions I consistently get when taking a friend for coffee is “What’s the difference?” Based on being asked that question countless times I figured I would do a series to break it all down 😊.

I wanted to start with the Cortado since that is one of my favorite drinks. Usually the question here is: What is the difference between a Cortado and a Gibraltar? Let’s break it down:

Cortado: This drink is basically espresso covered with an equal amount of thinly steamed milk, hold the foam. Depending on the place you frequent these two may seem the same. If a coffee bar has them both options on the menu, the cup/glass that the cortado is served in will be slightly longer. Cortados have been around for a while and not nearly as new to the game as a Gibraltar.

Gibraltar: In a nutshell the Gibraltar is a double-shot of espresso and a bit of milk. Believe it or not this menu item was born in San Francisco and it was introduced by Blue Bottle Coffee. The drink was named after the four-ounce glass in which it’s served. As anything that comes from the Bay Area, this drink became a big hit which quickly spread to other coffee shops across the country. You can find a great version of this drink locally at Coffee & Tea Collective in .

Next up: What’s the difference? Latte, Cappuccino, & Flat White


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