Halcyon Coffee Bar

Halcyon Coffeebar

So this coffee shop is a bit different from some of the other places that have been featured on the blog. I originally started going to to Halcyon when I lived in Hillcrest since their first location in San Diego was located in East Village. That location has now closed and the coffee shop/bar has moved to my new hometown in San Marcos.

When I heard about the move I was pretty excited since Halcyon does a really good job at creating an environment in which you can relax via the decor, location, employees… plus they have a full bar, which means that they make some killer cocktails with their speciality coffee being the main ingredient.

Right off the bat as I was comparing the old to the new location I can say that I like the feel and decor a lot more. They have a retro feel going on with tons of light coming through. There are plenty of tables inside and outside where you can relax, work, or hang out.

Currently they are featuring a few bean and roast varieties from guest Eureka by Katz Coffee Roasters (located in Houston, TX). This was my first time trying coffee from this roaster and I have to say that their espresso was on point. They use Colombian beans which had a hint of strawberry and chocolate notes. I had their americano which was clean tasting and very enjoyable without any additions. We also tried the mocha, which was not overly sweet, but I was looking for more of a balance between the chocolate and the espresso.

Overall the shop is a great place to check out. Halcyon is definitely geared to a larger audience outside of the craft coffee scene. You will be able to enjoy good coffee in a variety of ways, while having some food and a nice setting.

Let me know your thoughts 😊

Purist scale: 3.5 sips out of 5
Decor: 4.5 sips out of 5
Location: 4 sips out of 5

250 N City Drive,
San Marcos, CA 92096


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