S3 Coffee Bar

S Coffee Bar

Let me start with – this place is a hidden gem for fun and delicious coffee and tea drinks. S3 Coffee Bar works with Cafe Moto’s beans, so you already know that you are starting with a good base. They then take it to the next step by adding a fun twist to their coffee menu, while still highlighting and honoring the beans.

The shop is located in Mission Valley (Mission Gorge) area. The venue is beautifully decorated with many accents featuring their fun side which carries into their drink menu.

S3 Coffee Bar does offer a standard espresso menu where you can get classics such as americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, etc. These are all great options, but the true reason why you should check them out is their fresh and beautiful takes on their latte menu. On that menu you can finds options such as: Golden Chai, Black Sesame Charcoal, Beetroot Chai, Rainbow, and my all-time favorite… Honey Rose Latte.

I pride myself on enjoying my coffee black and trying to stay as purist as possible when enjoying craft coffee, but this place just does it right with their lattes. None of these options are overly sweet, yes they are sweeter than a plain latte, but definitely not a cup of sugar.

Another fun feature of this shop is their food menu, which they also take classic coffee shop options to the next level, such as avocado toast with prosciutto, energy bowls and modern oats. Come check them out, have a latte with a snack and enjoy their ambiance. There is plenty of parking and seating so you can hang out, work, or get some studying out of the way.

Purist scale: 3 sips out of 5
Decor: 4.5 sips out of 5
Location: 4 sips out of 5

S3 Coffee Bar
6171 Mission Gorge Rd #102,
San Diego, CA 92120


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