I’ve loved coffee for as long as I can remember. I think I had my first cup when I was about six years old. Of course, through the years my palette has improved and my love and passion for this industry has grown, from trying different roasts and brewing methods to roasting my own beans at home. This coffee journey has become my life. So much so, that my now fiancé proposed at my favorite coffee roaster, after years of being dragged through weekly coffee expeditions.

The goal with this blog is to provide readers with insight into the coffee scenes  I come in contact with through my travels. I am based in San Diego so a big part of my focus with this blog will be on SD’s growing scene.

As I write about these places my goal is to highlight what makes their coffee special, where they get their beans, their methodology, what sets them apart, the coffee that’s being brewed or roasted, and interesting drinks they may offer.

I really hope you enjoy this blog. If you have some feedback or have coffee recommendations shoot me a message!