Coava Coffee

Coava Coffee is a Portland based roaster and coffee shop. I have to be honest, this shop was nowhere near my radar, but one day I was out walking Cherrio (my little terrier) in Downtown San Diego and we bumped right into it.

First impressions, I have to say the shop is gorgeous – you can see the rustic industrial theme throughout the location. The wood that lines the walls and furniture pieces make it a super welcoming space. My favorite decor feature was the low set tables that are placed by the windows, they made THE perfect reading nook.

Ok, so now onto the real important stuff… the coffee. This is a shop leaning more towards the purist palette, highlighting various brewing styles. They also offer a very delicious cold brew. Since this is a relatively large set up, they do offer various bean types , which you can enjoy at their location, take some home, or sign up for a monthly subscription. During my visit I had their cold brew and an americano – for the americano I went with the Guatemalan beans from Finca Las Terrazas. Both of them were balanced and smooth. I am very much looking forward to going back and trying out some of their other beans.

Overall I was very impressed with this shop, because of the location in downtown I have a hard time seeing this as a place to go study or hang out for a long period of time since this is right in the middle of office buildings. Parking will be a bit hard and with a time limit, unless you want to pay for an extend time. As a place to work or hang out the shop itself is awesome. They have a large space with plenty of furniture to bring your setup. Both Cherrio and I enjoyed our trip to Coava Coffee- he was allowed to hang out in the ”reading nook” with me.

Purist scale: 4.5 sips out of 5
Decor: 4.5 sips out of 5
Location: 3 sips out of 5

Coava Coffee
400 W Broadway,
San Diego, CA 92101


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