Copa Vida

Copa vida has become a part of my weekly work life. Working in North County, though there are many specialty coffee shops, there’s not many that are close to my office. At times it would take me over 40 minute to drive to Encinitas to get a cup of delicious coffee to keep me going for the rest of my day. … More Copa Vida

Mostra Coffee

Monstra roasts their own coffee and they do an amazing job. I love going there to pick myself a bag of fresh roasted beans, as well as picking up some cold brew, which they also brew and bottle themselves. Their coffee menu is super fun, though still showcasing all of your traditional drinks such as americanos, lattes, etc. … More Mostra Coffee

S3 Coffee Bar

et me start with – this place is a hidden gem for fun and delicious coffee and tea drinks.
S3 Coffee Bar works with Cafe Moto’s beans, so you already know that you are starting with a good base. They then take it to the next step by adding a fun twist to their coffee menu, while still highlighting and honoring the beans. … More S3 Coffee Bar