Mostra Coffee

Mostra Coffee

I’ve been a fan of Mostra Coffee ever since they opened their little cart inside their roasting plant. I was so happy for them once I found out that they were opening an actual store front that opens everyday! If you haven’t checked out their new location,make sure you do so, because the decor in that place could not be prettier or more inviting.

Bumping into Mostra coffee was completely by chance at that time they only opened twice a week and I just happened to be in the area and in need of coffee. I loved their old location since their coffee cart was right next to their roaster, it was a super cute, but tight set up. Fast forward to a few months ago, and now they have a very large storefront where all of us can hang out, kick back, and enjoy some coffee and pastries.

Monstra roasts their own coffee and they do an amazing job. I love going there to pick myself a bag of fresh roasted beans, as well as picking up some cold brew, which they also brew and bottle themselves. Their coffee menu is super fun, though still showcasing all of your traditional drinks such as americanos, lattes, etc.

At Mostra I tend to divert from the standard menu and go straight for their signature drinks. A few of my favorites are the salted caramel, Campfire, and creme brulee (they actually brulee your drink) lattes. From their cold brew section I love the choconana. I usually stay away from sweet drinks, but man does this place know how to do it right. They strike that fine balance of preserving and highlighting the coffee taste, while adding some fun flavors and tastes to your drink.

This place has become a staple for me when I find myself in the Poway/ Mira Mesa area and hope that one day they move a little further north so I can enjoy their drinks and beans more often!

Purist scale: 4 sips out of 5
Decor: 4.5 sips out of 5
Location: 3 sips out of 5

Mostra Coffee
12045 Carmel Mountain Rd #302,
San Diego, CA 92128


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