What’s the difference? Cortado vs. Gibraltar

No matter how small a menu is at a coffee place, there are still many options to choose from. One of the questions I consistently get when taking a friend for coffee is “What’s the difference?” Based on being asked that question countless times I figured I would do a series to break it all … More What’s the difference? Cortado vs. Gibraltar


Intelligentsia Coffee

The two winners for me on my last trip a few weeks ago were the Iced Mocha and their matcha croissant. I brought a friend along for this coffee trip and she introduced me to this two AMAZING menu options. The chocolate that they use for their Mocha is rich, but not overpowering and work extremely well with their espresso. A great compliment to this drink was the matcha croissant, all the buttery goodness topped with this delicious white chocolate matcha topping.  … More Intelligentsia Coffee

Third Wave Coffee- What it means & what the hype is.

Nowadays we seem to be surrounded by specialty coffee shops and micro-roasters. It seems like you can now find one in every corner (thank goodness for that!). Coming from the starbucks coffee wave which I eventually outgrew, but definitely made me yearn for a higher standard in the coffee industry and boy did we get it! … More Third Wave Coffee- What it means & what the hype is.

Blue Bottle Coffee

I’ve been a big fan of the Blue Bottle Coffee brand for years now. After reading their founder’s book (picture of me with the founders below ♥) , that only made me like them more, not only as a brand, but for their high level of care of the coffee industry from planting to brewing. … More Blue Bottle Coffee

Lofty Coffee Co.

The first thing I fell in love with was their Salted Caramel Latte. It was such a perfect balance of espresso, milk, and slight sweetness, that for a while it was all I would order. However, after a few more visits, I realized that Lofty’s actually boasts a diverse and wonderful coffee collection, each with their own unique offering. … More Lofty Coffee Co.

V’s Coffee Shoppe

To start, I have to say that this shop has been one of the most fun and interesting spots I’ve been to so far in San Diego. V’s Coffee Shoppe is located within the Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo. The coffee bar is tucked around the corner from one of the restaurants at the winery. As soon as you find it you will fall with the charming building and decor. … More V’s Coffee Shoppe