Steady State Roasting Co.


Many of the blog features are places I’ve been going to for years.  So anytime I get to experience not only a coffee shop, but a full on roaster for the first time,  I am like a kid in a candy shop.

This past  weekend I went to check out Steady State Roasting Co. This 250 sq ft. place is easy to miss, but sure worth looking for.

Steady State Roasting is a small batch roastery  inside a shared space in  Carlsbad. As soon as you walk in,  you can smell the delicious coffee being brewed and you quickly realize how terrific this space is.  While waiting for your order, you can check out some of the other working spaces which are filled by artist and crafters.  

The shop is small and  cozy, so I would definitely recommend taking your coffee to go and enjoy a nice walk around Carlsbad Village and the beach.  I hung around at the coffee bar for bit to check out the flow of things,  and though  it can get a bit crowded, it is definitely a nice inviting experience.  

During my first visit, Jeff (my fiance) and I tried a few things to make sure I covered my bases.  I first ordered an americano.  I wanted to try their espresso, which I rarely order as a shot, so this is my way of tasting their choice of beans and roast. Steady State used a roast called “Space Traveler”  – a Guatemalan and Ethiopian blend.  They’ve developed a very smooth and flavorful blend that translated incredibly well into both the americano and a regular latte.  

Their offering is very clean and leaning more towards the purist palette, though they also offer a few off the wall options.  There are items on there such as Cascara sparkling tea, Flashed Tchembe, and their Indian Summer.  

Jeff is a big fan of chais, so we order the Indian summer, which is very different from any other Chai Latte  I’ve ever had.  They use a ginger spiced chai base, which is incredible.  When you get your order all you can smell is the ginger, which made me worry that it would over take the espresso and just be a mouthful of ginger, but…I was wrong.  They have managed to create a balance between the chai, the milk, and the espresso that will definitely have me coming back.

Purist scale: 4 sips out of 5

Decor: 3.5 sips out of 5

Location: 4 sips out of 5


Steady State Roasting Co.
2680 State St B,
Carlsbad, CA 92008


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