Cafe Virtuoso

Cafe Virtuoso

I chose Cafe Virtuoso to be my first coffee post for a few reasons; it is one of my favorite shops in San Diego, the coffee is just amazing, they are a roaster, and it also happens to be the place where my fiance proposed.

As you read more of my posts, you will notice a trend of me frequenting places that roast their own beans. This place was my first experience with a micro roaster. When they first started they would do all of their roasting inside the shop giving their customers a well rounded experience of  the roasting to cup process. They’ve now moved their roasting to a warehouse right next door in order to support their growth over the years.

Cafe Virtuoso features a variety of items on its menu that can be attractive to people with different coffee backgrounds. For the purist they offer various single origin beans,  as well as some of their signature blends that can be brewed in their newly built pour over bar. Some of their other delicious offerings are your traditional espresso drinks such as lattes, americanos, espresso  shots, etc.  and for the drinkers that like their coffee on the sweeter side they have some blended offerings.

A few items that stand out to me at Virtuoso are their cold brews and their Chai Latte. Their cold brew is offered on tap and on nitro, making it a delicious and balanced drink to enjoy. My fiance who is not as much as a purist as me loves their dirty Chai Lattes. I have to admit this is one of the best Chais I’ve had.  They use a spicier blend that balances with their espresso extremely well, whether is iced or hot this is definitely Jeff’s go to drink at Virtuoso.

Overall this shop offers a great environment to enjoy your coffee while you catch up with friends or work the day away. They’ve made some updates to their layouts in order to allow for more seating for their guest to further enjoy their experience. Another fun offering for coffee enthusiasts is their new San Diego Coffee Training Institute, the institute is in its early stages, but I cannot wait to see the impact this will have in our local coffee industry. Read more about the institute here.



Cafe Virtuoso

1616 National Ave

San Diego, CA 92113


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