More than just writing about local coffee

I’ve been wanting to start a coffee blog for a few years now. The biggest reason keeping me from starting was myself. I am very self-conscious about my writing and I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested.  I finally decided enough was enough and just started doing it, encouragement from friends and family was also a nice helpful push.  I quickly whipped up the site, domain, did some field research (lots of coffee drinking involved), and then came the daunting part… the actual writing.   

I was sitting there, trying to figure out how to start my first post. I am a very process oriented person so I began to google, read, research, etc. I suddenly realized that though these people were were very helpful at giving me the logistics of how to do it, this wasn’t necessarily me. With that I decided that my first post would be about me, as the writer and lay out my goals for this blog. I want future readers to know that this is going to be a fun ride of learning and experiencing coffee, while also tagging along for myself improvement journey with writing.

So now, the reason for this blog. Why start another one when there are so many out there already?  A lot of the coffee blogs currently out there, at least the larger ones, focus on industry trends, brewing methods, and more high level topics that are enjoyed by people that are very ingrained in the industry or may already have a lot of coffee knowledge .  I wanted to reach a different audience.  Yes, I wanted to reach all the coffee lovers and purist out there that know coffee inside and out, but also the people that enjoy coffee from time to time, but find it intimidating.  I wanted to provide a space where I can write about my coffee experiences and readers from all walks of life can enjoy.

Thank you in advance for spending some time on my site. I truly hope you enjoy my post and please know that this is an environment where I am looking to share, but I am also interested in learning from my readers.  If you have recommendations, feedback, or coffee question feel free to reach out to me. Now onto the real coffee writing.  


2 thoughts on “More than just writing about local coffee

  1. Hey hey!! You’re doing awesome with the blog!!!
    I’ll start off as the first commenter with a place I hear good things about. Can you tell us about your experience with Kean Coffee whenever you may be in town. One is is Tustin, and the other in Newport Beach around Orange County!!
    Happy blogging!!!


  2. Well, do not worry. I still have to go through the rest of your posts but I’ll drop a comment here nonetheless.
    Blogging isn’t about following a written rulebook. It’s about you, your thoughts and what you want us to know about you. Even when you’ll be talking about coffee, it’s your essence I’m your words that’ll make us, as readers, stay with you.


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